The ‘Keel Laying Ceremony’ was held on Izmir’s ferries.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ferries, catamaran type and made of carbonmaterial, were presented to visitors at a ceremony heldat Özata Shipyard.

The ceremony took place at Özata Shipyard, which won the tender for 15 fastferries made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in June last year and continuesthe manufacturing process, and was attended by the Mayor of IzmirMetropolitan Municipality, Mr. Aziz KOCAOĞLU, Provincial Assembly Presidentand Members, Port President, Chamber of Shipping President, President of theChamber of Naval Engineers attended.

Firstly, information about the current part of the fast ferry manufacturingprocess was provided through video and narration. In his speech, ÖzataShipyard Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Özdemir ATASEVEN, gavedetailed information about the current state of fast ferries.

Özata Shipyard Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr.ATASEVEN; “I wouldlike to point out that the organization that controls and approves our designand production we mentioned is Norwegian Lloyd DNV.”

DNV is the only classification society with world experience in this type of ships.All production is carried out under their control and supervision. The projecthas been inspected so far and is continuing in accordance with the procedure.

At the same time, Mr. stated that he attaches importance to the shipyardinfrastructure. ATASEVEN stated that there was an investment of 9 milliondollars with the start of the project and that there would be an investment of18 million dollars until the project was completed.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Aziz KOCAOĞLU, in his speech, said,“We will provide thiscomfort and fast transportation to our 4 million fellowcitizens in the gulf and the guests who come to visit Izmir, and we are also veryhappy to support the Turkish shipping industry to move up to the nextsegment. This project is not just about purchasing 15 ships, it has many sidebenefits. “I am very happy to contribute to such a project as the mayor,” hesaid.

Observing the production process of the ferries manufactured in Özatashipyard, which is a first in Turkey, Mr. KOCAOĞLU and his delegation leftsatisfied with their visit.

While the manufacturing process of the ferries continues rapidly, the first shipwill be launched on January 30, 2014, and the ferries will be delivered every 90days thereafter.

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