Dokuz Eylül is at The Service of The People of Izmir

“Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has launched the ‘DOKUZ EYLÜL’ passenger ship after ‘ÇAKABEY’ to improve transportation in the gulf.

The second catamaran-type passenger vessel, constructed with space technology and featuring a carbon composite hull by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has also started its service. The vessel named ‘DOKUZ EYLÜL’ made its first journey at 09:40 between Konak and Karşıyaka. The first passenger vessel for gulf transportation, ‘Çakabey,’ which was built in Yalova with the aim of improving gulf transportation, had started its service in February.

While the production of the fourth and fifth vessels by Özata Shipyard continues, it is planned to increase the capacity in gulf transportation with a total of 2 vessels expected to arrive by the end of the year.

Thanks to the speed and manoeuvrability of the new passenger vessels, more frequent trips can be organized between piers. The use of carbon composite vessels also aims to reduce fuel consumption and transportation costs. The carbon composite material used in the vessels reduces fuel consumption based on weight, lowers maintenance costs, and extends the lifespan of the vessels. Additionally, unlike metal structural materials, carbon composite material prevents corrosion, provides high levels of sound and heat insulation, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions associated with fuel consumption. Ships made from carbon composite material, the raw material of which is produced in Turkey, offer more advantages compared to steel and aluminium. The ongoing construction of new ships aims for them to be environmentally friendly, accessible for people with disabilities, ensuring the highest level of passenger comfort and safety, and having low operating-maintenance-repair costs and fuel consumption. Considering the speed of the new ships, the daily ferry count in the inner gulf will increase from an average of 200 to 300, and the number of passengers will also rise.

15 passenger ferries and 3 car ferries

In addition to passenger ferries, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will purchase 3 new car ferries. The ferries, which will have a speed of 14 knots, will have a capacity of 450 passengers, at least 64 cars, 10 motorcycles, and 10 bicycles. The new car ferries, which will be suitable for boarding and moving for physically disabled and visually impaired individuals, will feature a play area for children aged 2-5, pet cages, and 2 elevators for strollers and wheelchairs.

The car ferry ‘Mavi Körfez,’ leased by İZDENİZ A.Ş. for 3 years through a tender, had started its service in February.

Names chosen by Izmir residents

To determine the names of Izmir’s new ships, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality conducted an online poll, and the name ‘1881- Atatürk’ took the first place with over 500,000 votes.”

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