Organized by the Ship Industrialists Association, students from the Université Catholique De Louvain in Belgium visited the ÖZATA Shipyard in Yalova and received information about shipbuilding.

Within the scope of the trip organized by the Ship Manufacturers Association and hosted by ÖZATA Shipyard upon the initiative and request of the Belgian Consulate in Istanbul, 18 Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering students from the Université Catholique De Louvain University in Belgium, 1 Professor (Head of the Group Prof. Pierre Latteur) and A group of 2 assistants visited ÖZATA Shipyard and had the opportunity to closely examine infusion applications in Shipbuilding.

The convoy arriving at Atatürk Airport was welcomed by Ship Industrialists Association Deputy Secretary General İrfan Özcan. After a short tour of Istanbul, Prof. The convoy, led by Pierre Latteur, arrived at ÖZATA Shipyard around 15:30. Following the safety briefing, the students had the opportunity to see and get information about many applications such as the structure and use of Carbon Composite material, the creation of wooden molds, and the joining process, accompanied by the engineers on duty, and took a souvenir photo with Özdemir Ataseven, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ÖZATA Shipyard. Head of the group Prof. Pierre Latteur thanked Özdemir Ataseven in Turkish for hosting them and stated that their success goes beyond the borders of the country and that they definitely want to host them at their universities, and that he is an excellent role model for young engineers and entrepreneurs. Prof. Pierre Latteur’s French-accented Turkish was not only highly appreciated, but also caused many enjoyable moments. After serving tea and coffee at ÖZATA canteen, the guest group ended the tour by visiting the steel application area within the scope of the Istanbul Project.

Footsteps of Yalova GİOSB!

The visit of Université Catholique De Louvain University to Yalova has a special meaning for the near future of Yalova. The trip organized by Yalova Ship Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, the establishment of which was delayed for various reasons, by its founder, Ship Industrialists Association, made the city a center of attraction, solved the unemployment problem by attracting investor attention to Yalova, and a sustainable development of technical competence and workforce in harmony in university-industry cooperation. It has vital value in terms of establishing Ship Industrialists Association has been a member of Sea Europe since 2009, which unites all maritime elements of Europe under one roof and includes industrial organizations such as VDMA, NORSK Industry and strong Ship Industrial companies such as Fincantieri, as well as being a member of Sea Europe in 2012 in order to be involved in the development in Asia and to create joint business opportunities. By signing a joint working agreement with KAOPE (Korean Offshore) Entrepreneurs Association, it plays a supporting and leading role in the development of Turkish Maritime and the establishment of new business areas and environments for Turkish Industrialists. In this context, after the completion of the Yalova Ship Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, it will be much easier and faster for Yalova to become the center of a completely different development and growth.

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