Our shipyard, which has accelerated its investments with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Project, has ongoing projects other than the Izmir Project; It continues its production of passenger cruise boats (NB 26) and chemical tanker ships (NB 22) at full speed.


Our shipyard, which adds new closed areas needed for the mass production of carbon fiber passenger ferries every day, is developing and using technology effectively. ÖZATA Shipyard, whose name comes to the fore with our completed and ongoing projects in the Ship Manufacturing Industry, which has a large share in the country’s economy, has been appreciated by those who follow the domestic and foreign sector as the only domestic company that participated and won the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tender.


Our shipyard, which will participate as a participant in the Norway NOR-SHIPPING Fair, which is one of the most important fairs in the sector and is held every two years, aims to show the production in our country and what can be done in our country to foreign followers who follow the sector, especially with the promotion of the Carbon Catamaran Passenger Ferry Project.

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