Representatives of the European maritime industry, who came to Istanbul for the Sea Europe Annual General Assembly Meeting organized by the Ship and Maritime Equipment Manufacturers Association (GESAD), visited Özata Shipyard.

European representatives of maritime companies visiting Istanbul for the Sea Europe Annual General Assembly Meeting, organized by GESAD, began their shipyard visits as part of the event. Özata Shipyard, led by the Chairman of the Board Özdemir Ataseven, who also serves as the Vice Chairman of GESAD, welcomed European sector representatives who came to Istanbul for the Sea Europe Annual General Assembly Meeting as part of the event.

Starting with a visit to Sedef Shipyard in Tuzla, European maritime giants then visited Özata Shipyard in Yalova Altınova. In order to overcome the negative effects of the crisis in the sector and revitalize the maritime industry, a brief presentation about Özata Shipyard was given by Serkan Çalbaş, the General Coordinator of Özata Shipyard, to the European mariners in Istanbul for the Sea Europe General Assembly Meeting, which offers significant collaboration opportunities.

Following the presentations and speeches, Sea Europe members, including board members and presidents of leading shipyards worldwide, toured Özata Shipyard. During the site visit, Sea Europe members had the opportunity to step-by-step observe the construction process of the carbon composite ferry in the composite factory, assembly hangars, and the finished state on the dock. Expressing their belief that such high technology is not commonly used in Turkish shipyards, Sea Europe members wished for the continued success of Özata Shipyard.

After the visit to Özata Shipyard, Sea Europe members concluded their day of shipyard tours with an enjoyable dinner in the Istanbul Strait, where pleasant moments were experienced throughout the day.

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