One of the new passenger vessels, the twelfth in the series of 15 vessels constructed by Özata Shipyard in Yalova for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality which named “Metin Oktay” has met the Gulf.

Another one of the new passenger vessels, built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at Özata Shipyard and whose names were determined by the votes of Izmir residents, has met the Gulf now.

The twelfth vessel out of the approximately 8 million Euros each 15 new passenger vessels, constructed at Özata Shipyard in Yalova by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has now arrived in the Gulf after the final checks at the shipyard. The vessel, coming to Izmir Gulf after the last checks in Yalova, was named after Metin Oktay, the legendary football player of Turkish football and native of Izmir. It is reported that Metin Oktay will start its service in the coming days after the completion of the permit process.

The names of the vessels added to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s transportation fleet were determined through a survey participated in by the people of Izmir. In the survey, where over 500,000 votes were cast, the name 1881-Atatürk received the highest votes. Having put into service 11 vessels so far, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality named these vessels Çakabey, 9 Eylül, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, Attila İlhan, Foça, Cengiz Kocatoros, Gürsel Aksel, Sait Altınordu, and Vahap Özaltay. The next ship of the Metropolitan Municipality will be named “Gezi.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also was named the new car-passenger vessels with the votes of Izmir residents, calling them Hasan Tahsin, Ahmet Piriştina, and Kubilay.

Metin Oktay (1936-1991), known as the “Uncrowned King,” started his football career in 1952 with Damlacıkspor, a local team in Izmir. After playing in the youth teams of Yün Mensucat between 1953-1954, he transferred to İzmirspor in the summer of the 1954-55 season, marking the beginning of his professional career. In his only season there, he experienced championship and top scorer title in the Izmir Professional League. In 1955, he signed with Galatasaray, becoming the top scorer in the league for three consecutive seasons. He continued to achieve top scorer titles in the newly established National League in 1959, maintaining the title for the league’s first three seasons. After his football career, he worked as a coach for various clubs. On September 13, 1991, he lost his life in a traffic accident near the exit of the Bosporus Bridge.

The new passenger vessels constructed by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at Özata Shipyard have initiated a new era in sea transportation with their comfort, speed, and manoeuvrability.

The use of carbon composite material in the ships has reduced fuel consumption based on weight, consequently lowering carbon dioxide emissions. Being environmentally friendly and accessible to people with disabilities, maintaining the highest level of passenger safety are among the significant advantages of the new ships. The daily ferry service frequency in the inner gulf has increased from an average of 200 to 300, thanks to the faster new ships. Each ship, costing approximately 8 million Euros, can accommodate 426 passengers.

  1. The new car-passenger ferries of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with a capacity of 450 passengers and 71 cars, receive great acclaim for their technology and comfort. The new car-passenger ferries, designed to accommodate physically and visually impaired passengers, feature a playground for children aged 2-5, pet cages, and two elevators for baby carriages and wheelchairs.
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