Özata Shipyard has delivered the passenger vessel named “Foça,” the 7th out of 15 vessels ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for use in urban sea transportation.

The passenger vessel named “Foça,” ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality from Özata Shipyard in Altınova, has been delivered.

The ship, designated as Foça, will be utilized in maritime transportation in Izmir Gulf. Özata Shipyard had previously delivered passenger vessels named Dokuz Eylül, Çakabey, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, and Attila İlhan.

Built with a catamaran hull type and made from ‘carbon composite’ material, which is sturdier than steel, lighter than aluminium, and has a longer lifespan with lower operating costs, these vessels will commence operations to the outer gulf starting tomorrow.

Fast and Comfortable

The vessel, designed to enhance passenger transportation in the gulf with a speed of 18 knots, has a capacity of 420 passengers. The vessel offers various comforts, including wireless internet and TV broadcasts. Special arrangements have been made for individuals with disabilities, featuring tactile warning and directional signs in necessary locations for visually impaired passengers, as well as spaces suitable for the vehicles of physically disabled individuals. Additionally, the ship encourages urban cycling with designated bicycle parking spaces.

The vessel also includes separate compartments for passengers to transport their pets independently. Following the necessary inspections, the new vessel will be put into service in Izmir Gulf.

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