3 new vessels named ŞH – Göksu, ŞH – Küçüksu and ŞH – Durusu, built by Özata Shipyard for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will enter the service of Istanbulers tomorrow.

Istanbul City Lines, affiliated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will put into service 3 new vessels named ŞH – Göksu, ŞH – Küçüksu and ŞH – Durusu at Sarıyer Pier tomorrow with the participation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş.

The commissioning of the vessels built by Özata Shipyard will be held at Sarıyer Pier at 14.00. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş will also attend the ceremony.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is putting into service tomorrow the modern and panoramic ferries named ŞH – Göksu, ŞH – Küçüksu ŞH – Durusu, which were built in Özata Shipyards within the scope of its investments in maritime transportation. Double&ended type passenger vessels, which will serve between Kadıköy-Beşiktaş and Kadıköy-Kabataş, are equipped with technological facilities. The most important feature of the new vessels is that they make access easier for disabled passengers. The new vessels, which will have high manoeuvrability, modern hull structure, speed, comfort and two-way mobility, can berth both front and rear, unlike the current docking maneuver.

It will save fuel and time

The new vessels that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will put into service tomorrow provide 25 percent fuel and time savings per voyage. In order to increase the share of maritime transportation in total transportation in Istanbul, to set standards in maritime traffic and to integrate and coordinate existing transportation systems more quickly, the vessels planned to join the fleet are planned to be added to the fleet. The vessels are equipped with the latest innovations in technology. The new vessels are 42 meters long, 10 meters wide and can reach a speed of 12 knots.


Technical Specifications of Vessels

1- There will be boat structures in Double&Ended form. (Double&Ended: Has two-way movement ability).

2- Thanks to the hydraulic ramp feature on both sides, passenger pick-up and discharge are provided safely.

3- Thanks to the hydraulic ramps at the bow and stern of the boat, it will allow disabled citizens to use it and ensure fast and safe passage for other passengers.

4- The boat does not turn during docking and take-off manoeuvres, saving 25% time and fuel.

5- Travel pleasure is at a high level with the panoramic view on the boat.

6- The way the boat docks enables more efficient use of the existing pier.

7-It provides a new boat forum to Istanbul with its low carbon emission and environmentally friendly engine technology design.

8- Vessels can be tied to each other. Each of the vessels can back up the other. The vessel’s superstructure has also been designed to accommodate this.

9- Automatic Passenger Passage Doors have hydraulic/electronic and manual locking systems when they are in the closed position.

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