Dry Docking & Afloat Services

Özata Shipyard takes dry docking and afloat services to new heights, delivering first-class performance and a professional approach. We pride ourselves on providing solutions with a commitment to flexibility, transparency, fair pricing, and reliable delivery times. Our goal is to elevate the standards of quality and customer satisfaction in the maritime industry. Experience a shipyard that goes beyond expectations, ensuring your vessel receives top-notch care and attention.


Blasting & Painting

In response to the growing demand for hull treatment services during repair periods, Özata Shipyard is at the forefront of providing ship owners with sustainable solutions and heightened efficiency. We prioritize close collaboration with trusted suppliers, ensuring a seamless and swift process for surface preparation and treatment. Our commitment to fast and durable solutions sets us apart, allowing ship owners to experience optimal results and extended vessel longevity. Choose Özata Shipyard for a reliable partner dedicated to delivering top-notch hull treatment services that meet and exceed industry standards.


Steel Construction And Pipe Renewals

Özata takes pride in its collaboration with highly skilled pipe technicians and certified welders, aiming to achieve maximum capacity in steel construction and pipe renewals. Our team is dedicated to adhering to international standards, ensuring superior quality and endurance in every project. By combining expertise with meticulous attention to detail, Özata guarantees that all procedures meet the highest industry standards, providing clients with reliable and durable steel constructions and pipe renewals. Choose Özata for a commitment to excellence and a team that consistently delivers top-tier results.

Propeller Shaft & Rudder Systems

In the realm of propulsion systems, Özata Shipyard places the utmost priority on sharing extensive knowledge and providing swift, unique solutions to our customers across a diverse range of processes. Recognizing the inherent variability in propulsion systems from ship to ship, our professional team at Özata diligently evaluates these systems comprehensively. We are committed to meeting the specific requirements and expectations of our clients, particularly in distinctive and complex cases. Trust Özata Shipyard for a dedicated and experienced team that goes above and beyond to ensure optimal propulsion system solutions tailored to your vessel’s unique needs.

Engine and Machinery Overhauls

The main engines and auxiliaries of a ship play a pivotal role in its lifecycle. The occurrence of unexpected breakdowns or failures can lead to disruptions in ship operations, making the sustainability of the engine system a critical aspect for both the ships and their crews. At Özata Shipyard, we understand the significance of this matter and, therefore, collaborate with highly experienced technicians and engineers.


Our team at Özata is dedicated to preventing any inconvenient situations by implementing proactive measures. We strive to maximize the lifespan of engines and machinery equipment through reliable troubleshooting and overhauling processes. By prioritizing preventative maintenance and employing rigorous measures, we aim to ensure the seamless and efficient functioning of main engines and auxiliaries. Trust Özata Shipyard for a commitment to the longevity and reliability of your vessel’s critical propulsion components.


Deck And Safety Works

Survival and the mitigation of losses during capsizing, collisions, and other emergency situations hinge significantly on the Life-Saving Appliances (LSA) and Fire Fighting Equipment (FFE) aboard a ship. Any failure in these critical pieces of equipment can have severe consequences, making it absolutely unacceptable. Recognizing the paramount importance of these safety components, Özata Shipyard is prepared to undertake periodic inspections and maintenance on LSA and FFE equipment in strict adherence to regulations and rules.

At Özata Shipyard, we prioritize the functionality and reliability of life-saving and fire-fighting equipment, ensuring that they are always in optimal condition. Our commitment to periodic inspections and maintenance aims to guarantee that these essential systems perform effectively when needed most, providing shipowners and crews with peace of mind and confidence in the safety measures implemented. Choose Özata Shipyard for comprehensive, regulatory-compliant services dedicated to enhancing the safety and preparedness of your vessel.


Hatch Cover And Outfitting Repairs

Leakage from hatch covers stands out as one of the most prevalent causes of cargo losses on bulk carriers. Recognizing the critical importance of addressing this issue, Özata Shipyard boasts a qualified and competent labor force dedicated to repairing and overhauling hatch covers. Our skilled team is committed to fulfilling customer requests with precision and efficiency.

At Özata Shipyard, we understand the impact that hatch cover leaks can have on cargo integrity, and we strive to mitigate such risks through thorough repair and overhaul works. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive reliable and effective solutions to prevent cargo losses caused by hatch cover issues. Trust Özata Shipyard for professional services that prioritize the integrity of cargo and the satisfaction of our valued clients.


Electrical, Automation & Navigation Equip

Özata Shipyard provides precise diagnostic, maintenance, testing, and calibration services with high precision to meet the needs of our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of electrical services and onboard solutions, ensuring the seamless operation of your vessel. Our electrical technicians at Özata possess extensive knowledge and expertise in identifying faults, addressing malfunctions, and rectifying defects in sensors, transducers, limit switches, and various other electrical components.

Beyond troubleshooting complex issues, our skilled team excels in handling routine tasks such as cable laying, switchboard applications, and motor overhauling. We are committed to delivering reliable and efficient electrical services that contribute to the smooth functioning of your ship’s electrical systems. Choose Özata Shipyard for high-quality, precision-driven electrical solutions that prioritize the safety and performance of your vessel.


Upgrade (Refit, Retrofit & Conversion)

Beyond its expertise in repair and maintenance, Özata Shipyard has earned a stellar reputation for its conversion services catering to various types of commercial vessels. Our focus is on extending the lifecycle of ships or meeting new requirements through innovative solutions. With an impressive dry-docking capacity and the support of a dynamic management team comprised of highly skilled engineers, Özata is well-equipped to propose tailor-made, cutting-edge solutions.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the continuous delivery of signature projects related to conversion, refit, and retrofit. Özata Shipyard stands out for its ability to adapt vessels to evolving industry standards and client needs, ensuring they remain efficient and compliant. Trust Özata Shipyard for transformative conversion services that not only meet but exceed expectations, showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of maritime solutions.